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studio rehearsal


PART 1  9:00-11:00

PART 2  11:00-1:00

PART 3   2:00-4:00

PART 4   4:00-6:00

  • To determine which "Part" you are in please take a look at our schedule below.

  • This rehearsal is held at the studio

  • NO  recital costume, make up, or hair are needed for studio rehearsal. Just their dance shoes.

Dancers must stay for the entire Part they are scheduled for - as they will be learning finale, running everything in order, and then potentially re-running certain routines at the end.

This opportunity allows the students to watch each others dances, set entrances and exit, along with special lighting and effect cues.

There will be a BBQ held outside from approx. 12:00-3:00pm so don't forget to bring some cash! 

It is also a good idea to bring lawn chairs if it is sunny, as the lobby gets very busy this day.

Teacher cards and gift donation cash boxes will be set up in the lobby as well. This will be the only day for you to sign or donate money.

Studio Rehearsal


Dress Rehearsal


L Hip Hop.JPG

dress rehearsal


PART 1 4:00-7:00

PART 2 6:45-9:30

  • To determine which "Part" you are in please take a look at our schedule below. Please note: This order is DIFFERENT than Studio Rehearsal.

  • Held at the Act theatre - 11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge


This is a chance for all students to perform on stage before the big day! Dancers are expected to have full makeup, hair and costume.

All volunteers are required this day, to practice and prepare for the show. You will get an email close to this day describing in more detail how you will be helping out.

A reminder no parents in the audience for dress rehearsal. 


Please bring with you:

-Your costumes in a garment bag (do not put on before getting to theatre)

- A bag/backpack with the following items:

- Your make up kit labeled with name

- All necessary dance shoes (labeled)

- Any accessories that came with costume

- Water and healthy, non-messy snacks

- Any activities to keep you busy if you are not in multiple dances 


Please arrive with hair and makeup completely ready to go (besides getting dressed into costume).


We will be rehearsing finale at the beginning of Part 1 & Part 2, which all dancers participate in.


3:30 - All sign in/out volunteers arrive

 All runners and backstage volunteers arrive


4:00 - All Act 01 Dancers arrive and sign in

 All changeroom volunteers arrive

 Rehearsal starts promptly at 4:30, starting with finale

 Dancers should be done at approx. 7:00

 If you do not dance in Act 2, you may sign out & leave

6:45 - All Act 02 Dancers arrive and sign in

 Rehearsal starts promptly at 7:00, starting with finale

 Dancers should be done at approx. 9:30

 All dancers need to sign out by a parent before leaving

  • If you are volunteering you need to be there for BOTH Parts.

  • Kinderdance - may leave once they've performed.

Other Important Notes:

  • There is pay parking underground or behind theatre, or free parking a short walk to the mall parking lot.

  • Please note only volunteers and dancers are allowed in the theatre for the dress rehearsal (sorry, no parents).

  • Kinderdance/kinderballet parents will have name tags made up so you have access to your child if needed.


  • Students are to go to their assigned dressing rooms and prepare for their first routine.

  • Some dances may be asked to perform more than once.

  • We will try to keep quickchange times as accurate as we can so the show will run smoother and quicker.

  • Please notify the backstage volunteers if you are having difficulty making a change!


Dressing Room Locations:

  • Upstairs (large studio theatre) - All recreational students and Pre-Mini Company 


  • Downstairs (individual rooms) - Petite-Elite Company, Kinderdance/Kinderballet, Boys


All washrooms are located downstairs.

Please use changing rooms and changing tents provided for changing (not washrooms).

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