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What should my child be wearing to class?

Please check our Dress Code page! All the information you need - from shoes to hair style - can be found for each genre of dance.

Is the Company Jacket really mandatory? Even if my dancer is only in one company class?

Yes! We want our Fusion members to feel like a team, and to look like one as well. Company jackets are to be worn to each competition. Dancers will not be allowed to attend their awards session unless wearing the jacket. We believe it is important for dancers to understand the value of being a part of a team.

My child is in Company - Do I need to purchase the Fusion Jacket again if I got it last year?

No. If you purchased the mandatory company jacket last year, you are all good! No need to buy again this year unless yours was lost or out grown.

What do I need for Ballet Tech?

On the last Monday of every month, we ask that all Ballet Tech (Jr, Inter & Sr) bring their PBT tools to class.

1. Excercise Ball

2. Fusion Ball

3. Resistance Band

4. Lacrosse Ball

Please check the website below for more details on these items.

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