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2019-2020 Student Leaders

These exceptional individuals help out in our classes, assist our staff and present themselves as leaders and role models to the studio and community.


Lillian Chen

Lillian Chen has been dancing for 12 years and continues to pursue her passion of dancing. Her favourite style of dance is contemporary as it can incorporate many other styles within it. To Lillian being a student teacher is very important because it is not only a chance for the students to learn dance it also gives Lillian a chance to learn how to teach and be a leader, which are important qualities to learn as graduation nears.


Kylie Gooch

Kylie Gooch has been a competitive dancer since she was 4 years old and has had many incredible experiences such as competing in Las Vegas, dancing on a cruise ship and participating in many conventions and festivals.  She is very excited to work with new dancers and share her passion for dance.


Sydney Ludwig

My name is Sydney Ludwig and I am 16 years old. I started dance at the age of 2, and I moved to Fusion Force studio when I was 12 years old. It was the best decision I have ever made, because here at Fusion we are all such a big family. And my love for dance has only grown. 


My favourite genre of dance is pointe, because it helps you gain strength and technique. Point is a very beautiful and elegant style of dance, and it is a very unique way to express yourself. Pointe is challenging but overall so much fun. 


Being a student leader is important to me because I get to learn how to teach kids the art of dance. And I get the chance to create bonds and friendships with the younger students. I hope to inspire them and make them want to dance all the time just like my student teachers inspired me. I have learned so much not only about dance and patience but about myself while student teaching. 


In the future, I want to attend university for dance, and hopefully open up my own dance studio one day. I want to create original and unique dances. I would love to be able to teach children how amazing dance is. To help them grow and learn. I want to change peoples lives, give them something to look forward to and help them express themselves. 


Emma Ruhl

Emma Ruhl has been dancing competitively with Fusion since she was seven and will be graduating in the spring of 2020. Even though she doesn’t plan on perusing dance as a career, she will take her memories, lessons and life long friendships with her wherever she goes. 

My favourite gene of dance is Musical Theatre. In Musical Theatre you can explore so many styles of dance in one piece, which always keeps dancing fun and exciting. I love being able to portray different characters as well as telling a story with my movements. 

I’ve always loved working with the younger generation of our studio but this past year I found an even bigger appreciation for it. 

Not being able to dance last year was really hard but being able to have a teaching role and help where I could, gave me another purpose aside from dancing. 

Fusion has been my home for over ten years now and this is a small way that I can give back to the studio. 

After graduation, I plan on going to university to further my education.​


Mercedes Speranza

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Paisley Lalley

Paisley Lalley began dancing at the age of 3 at Fusion Force Studio and has been growing there ever since. She loves to learn and better herself and works hard for her goals. Dance has always been a passion of hers and her love has only grown over her life.


Paisley’s favourite styles of dance are Jazz and Contemporary. Jazz has been her one of her favourites for as long as she can remember because she always feels energized and inspired while performing a Jazz piece. As she’s gotten older, contemporary has become a favourite because of the way she can express herself. 


Being a student leader is important to Paisley because she remembers how much she learned from older students and wants to pass that on. She also loves working with the younger students and wants to see them do well. After high school, Paisley would love to teach and make a career out of dance. 


Aleigh Walker

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London Davis

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Sophia DeJesus

Sophia De Jesus is 14 years old and has been dancing since the age of 6. Her classes include company jazz, company tap, ballet, company hiphop and company musical theatre. This year she also student teaches the junior company hiphop group. Her favourite dance genre is hiphop as she loves the music and different styles such as whacking and popping and because it is very different from any other style. Being a student leader is important to her because she wants to help others and help contribute to make them the best dancers they can possibly be. Her future goal in the dance world is to improve on her technique in her classes especially tap and jazz. 


Sienna Langham

My favourite genre of dance is Lyrical because I can express myself emotionally through graceful technique. I enjoy leading by examples instructors have provided for me, to encourage and help younger dancers grow. I hope to continue my dance training for as long as possible and progress with my technique and flexibility. I’m not sure where dance will take me in life, but I know that it has given me many skills, a strong work ethic, perseverance and great joy! 


Alissa Rohrer

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Mya Wiggins

Mya Wiggins is a competitive dancer that loves to work hard but likes time to have fun! She is trustworthy, compassionate and adaptive. 

My favourite genre of dance is jazz! It is my favourite because it is upbeat and fun to perform and there are always new things to improve on and learn!

For me it is important to be a student leader because I am helping the teacher run the class smoothly so that all of the dancers can get the most out of every class. I love meeting all of the kids and seeing how much they will improve from start to finish.


Lily Gagnon

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Joshua Hoven

Josh Hoven has been dancing for 6 years now and is graduating coming this June. He loves working with children of all ages, and helping them grow and expand their dance styles. Josh is continuing his dance career after high school and going to Ryerson University in Toronto. 


Josh enjoys being a student leader because he loves to connect with the younger dancers. He feels that there should be no gap between “big kids & little kids”. 


Josh has student taught over 6 classes as a leader ranging from tap, to jazz and even technique classes! He loves expanding his horizon as a dancer and is open to learning all styles of dance! Josh hopes to become a professional dancer and travel around the world on cruise ships as well as work on movies, commercials and television shows! 


Josh is excited to graduate this year and start his journey in life! Although he will be leaving his Fusion family he will never forget where it all started! 


Mia Kerr

Mia Kerr began dancing at the age of 3, but joined Fusion of the age of 10.  At Fusion I have taken all styles of dance but my favourite style would have to be contemporary. I enjoy contemporary the most because I am able to show others who I am through this style.  

Being a student leader is something that I have always had the passion for, interacting with kids and helping teach them is something I always love to do. Setting a good example and mentoring the younger kids is something that I think is very important for everyone and really teaches the kids what they need to know about their life ahead.  


When I graduate high school I would love to start dancing on film and teaching. Dancing on film and teaching has always been a passion of mine and I would love to one day do one of those things.  

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Avery Patchett

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Olivia Freer

Olivia Freer found a passion for dance at the age of three when she started out in Kinderdance the year Fusion Force opened its doors. Olivia loves expressing her self through movement and is often found choreographing moves to any music she hears. Watching her students grow as a team and try their hardest is a highlight of being a student leader for Olivia. 

Olivia's favorite genres of dance are Jazz and Contemporary. She loves the fast paced sassy nature of jazz that she can stylize to her own personality. Whereas Contemporary dance allows her to express emotion. 

Being a student leader allows Olivia to be a role model and demonstrate her passion for always trying your best and overcoming obstacles with a positive attitude. 

Olivia hopes to be able to continue to dance and express herself in the future as she pursues a career in medicine or research. 


Emily Leippi

Emily has been dancing since the age of 7 but joined fusion at 9 years old.  From her time spent here at fusion she has studied dance through genres of tap, jazz, and lyrical.  She loves working with children of all ages in and outside of the dance studio. She believes being a student leader gives her the opportunity in seeing the kids succeed, grow into mature individuals and accomplish their goals they have set. To her, being a student leader is more than just helping teach the class- she can make special bonds with each student and make them feel comfortable in their environment.  After dance Emily hopes to go to university to study nursing and hopefully specialize in pediatrics.


Kylee Pocrnich 

Kylee Pocrnich has been dancing since she was three years old, and has been with Fusion Force for twelve years. Kylee is excited to spend her last year in high school mentoring younger dancers. 


Kylee’s favourite style of dance is tap. She has tapped for twelve years, and has competed for nine. Her love stems from when she was a young dancer and moved her feet as quickly as she could in an attempt to mimic the tap dancers on stage. Since then, she has discovered it takes more than just quick feet to be a tapper, and has fallen in love with the nuances of tap. 


When Kylee was a young dancer, she looked up to her student leaders as mentors in not just dance, but life. Kylee aspires to be able to help nourish young dancers love to dancing, and to be a mentor and a role model to them. 


Kylee plans on studying at Simon Fraser University for a major in political sciences and a minor in French. She then plans on studying law. Kylee hopes to be a Military Lawyer, and afterwards the Mayor of Surrey.


Simran Rai

Simran has been dancing since a young age of 6 all the way up to her current age of 18. Within the total of 13 years, she has danced in many different genres of dance which include jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theater, lyrical, ballet and pointe. Simran student teaches because it gives her an opportunity to get closer with the kids and create a special bond, as well as help them grow into something amazing!


Rylie Sauder

I have been dancing at Fusion Force since the age of 3, in all dance styles. I work hard to achieve my goals and I am always looking for ways to learn and improve.

My favourite style of dance is tap because I can express my self in a different way. I love listening to music and tapping really helps me connect to it. When I learn a hard tap step and I finally get it I feel so accomplished and so proud of myself. 


Being a student leader is important to me because when I was little I used to watch the big kids and I used to think to myself like wow I want to be just like them one day and I want the younger kids to think the same of me. I think setting a good example and being a good mentor for the kids is very important in their lives. Having that older person to rely on and get advice from is the best feeling.


When I graduate high school and graduate from the studio I definitely want to keep dancing and teaching. Teaching is a big passion of mine. Choreographing and seeing other people portray my work in so many different ways is incredible. Outside of the dance world I would like to go to university and maybe become some kind of a teacher.


Hayley Scherpenisse

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Madyson Lalley

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