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Yoga at Home

Covid-19 Safety Plan

Fusion Force Studio is dedicated to the health and safety of all students, families and employees. We ask that you bare with us through "ever changing" conditions and protocols.

We understand that Fusion is a second home for many students and we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

safety plan

For the purposes of this document “Sport” is defined as any organized sport activity that involves a number of people doing a physical activity together in a structured way and is facilitated by a Provincial Sport Organization or Local Sport Organization.
Sports and physical activity play an important role in the physical, psychological and emotional well- being of children. For this and other economic and social reasons we are all eager to resume sport activities. However, the health and safety of all participants and citizens for British Columbia must remain the number one priority.


  • OCCUPANCY – We ask that all siblings and parents stay in their vehicles during this time unless nesassary to enter the building.

  • CLEANING - A thorough cleaning/disinfect will take place each night for the entire facility, office staff and teachers will wipe down “high touch” areas throughout the day. Cleaning supply stations are available in each studio.

  • CHANGE ROOM   - Students are to arrive as dressed and ready as possible, the change room may be used for changing purposes only one at a time or members of the same household. Cubbies have been placed in all the studios for students’ belongings.

  • SANITIZATION AND HAND WASHING - Students and staff are to sanitize their hands before and after each class, each room is equipped with sanitizer, students are also welcome to bring their own if they prefer.

  • MASKS - Are not mandatory in the studio but are welcomed by anyone choosing to do so. Students are to provide their own gloves/mask/PPE.

  • HEALTH SAFETY CHECK - Each family is responsible for their own health check daily, please see “Daily Self Health Check” located at the bottom of this attachment.

  • STUDENT FREE TIME - Students are not to spend their “breaks” or any “extra time” in the studio unless permission has been granted by the office.

  • TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AND FLOW - We kindly ask that all students be dropped off outside and on-time, younger students may have one parent accompany them only if necessary. Teachers will use the last 5 minutes of class to stagger excusing the students. Studio 01 and 02 classes will enter through the main door, studio 03 will enter through the emergency exit (grey door) and studio 04 will have their own access. Please practice physical distancing while waiting outside for your instructor.

  • LOBBY  - Lobby space will be used for traffic management and/or students with a permission-granted break, it will not be an area for watching or loitering.

  • OFFICE – The office is equipped with plexiglass barriers for your safety and the safety of the staff, debit machine is disinfected regularly, clean pens and other tools available. Our staff is always here and happy to help but please do not enter the building unless necessary. Please give us a call or email first :) If you need to speak directly to an instructor please consider contacting the office to arrange a phone call, zoom call or schedule a time.

  • STUDIO EQUIPMENT - Teachers and students are to sanitize equipment before and after use including ballet barres, acro mats and yoga blocks; all students recommended to bring their own yoga blocks. Stereo equipment and teacher areas are to be wiped down by each staff member when complete.


  • Early detection of symptoms will facilitate the immediate implementation of effective control measures. In addition, the early detection and immediate implementation of enhanced cleaning measures are two of the most important factors in limiting the size and length of an outbreak. 

  • Fusion will immediately contact health authorities and follow all protocols put in place at that time.

  • Any students not meeting the health check may participate in classes via Zoom, please contact the office to do so at
    • If an outbreak occurs an entire class may participate on zoom.



  • All Participants of Fusion Force Studio LTD agree to abide by the following points when entering studio facilities and/or participating in club activities under the COVID-19 Response plan and RTP Protocol:
    • I agree to symptom screening checks, and will let my studio know if I have experienced any of the symptoms in the last 14 days.
    • I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering and exiting the facility, with soap or sanitizer.
    • I agree to sanitize the equipment I use throughout my practice with approved cleaning products provided by the studio.
    • I agree to abide by all of my studio’s COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

  • I understand that if I do not abide by the mentioned policies/guidelines, that I may be asked to leave the studio for up to 14 days to help protect myself and others around me.

  • I acknowledge that there are risks associated with entering studio facilities and/or participating in dance activities, and that the measures taken by the club and participants, including those set out above and under the COVID-19 Response Plan and Return to Sport Protocols, will not entirely eliminate those risks.



• We will keep everyone as up to date as possible as we navigate through new territory.

• Our teachers will keep teaching and our dancers will keep dancing using whatever platform is safest at that time.


Daily Self Health Check
Are you experiencing any of the following?

- Severe difficulty breathing (e.g. struggling to breathe or speaking in single words) - Severe chest pain
- Inability to lie down because of difficulty breathing

Are you experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms, Symptoms include: - Fever/chills

- New, Unusual or worsening of cough
- Shortness of breath
- Loss of sense of smell or taste,
- Please use personal judgment when assessing mild symptoms such as headache, stuffy nose, dizziness, abdominal pain, sore throat or upset stomach

Have you travelled to any countries outside Canada (including the United States) within the last 14 days?

Did you provide care or have close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19 without using the appropriate PPE?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, please stay home and contact the office at

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